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 Zinc Anodes

SYNCOR anodes are manufactured from primary metals of high purity, and are homogenized in large scale melting reverberatory furnaces.
Our production capacity can reach 20t/day, with anodes weighing from 1kg up to 2000kg.
All our anodes are manufactured after the successful completion of chemical analysis tests. Strict chemical control, conducted prior to casting, ensures the high quality of our anodes.
The electrochemical performance of SYNCOR zinc alloy can exceed the capacity of 780Ah/kg in a seawater environment with resistivity of 25 Ohm-cm, and can reach a potential of -1050mV with respect to the Ag/AgCl reference.
In our production facilities we can manufacture different types of anodes, such as flush, stand-off, or bracelet types, with a variety of insert shapes to meet our clients’ demand.
All our anode moulds are designed in detail to increase the quality of anode casting.
All inserts are manufactured in-house with the use of bend and rolling machines, as well as pipe benders.


Hull Anodes
The external protection of hulls is usually provided by means of organic coatings. The protective paint coating, however, is easily damaged in localized areas by mechanical action such as anchors, and by erosion at parts of the stern frame ...
Balast Tank Anodes
Ballast tank anodes provide protection on a vessel’s water ballast tank. SYCNOR has developed and designed trapezoidal shaped anodes, under international standards, that meet current specifications for installations on new vessels....
Process Tank Anodes
Safety restrictions prevent the use of aluminum anodes on process tanks that are adjacent to cargo oil tanks. For such applications special zinc alloy anodes can be used. Zinc anodes operate efficiently in elevated temperatures
Zinc anodes are popularly used as grounding cells, as well as in low resistance soils, where driving potential is not a major factor in a system design. Typical applications include buried pipelines...
Engine and Process Vessel Anodes
Pipe Line Anode
Zinc bracelet anodes can be used in very low temperatures, in deep waters, or in brackish waters. Bracelet anodes are designed with a utilization factor ...
Zinc anodes provide a very simple, cost effective, maintenance-free method of corrosion control for buried or immersed metals like iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc....
The zinc SYNCOR anodes have a variety of applications in the marine industry. They can be used in environments with low resistance in water or saline mud, at restricted temperatures below 60oC...


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