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 Magnesium Anodes

SYNCOR magnesium anodes are used for protecting buried pipelines and tanks, heat exchangers and chillers, large gate valves, evaporative condensers, hot water tanks, etc. They are available in many shapes and sizes, and can be provided either as bare ingots or pre-packaged in cotton bags with chemical backfill.


SYNCOR magnesium anodes are supplied in a variety of dimensions and weight to meet client’s request. The most common shape of them is trapezoid “S” type, cylindrical “C” type and D shape
Magnesium anodes used in soils require prepared backfill around the anode for the following reasons: ?Increase the effective surface area which lowers the anode-to-earth contact resistance.
Sacrificial Anode Specifications
SYNCOR supplies anodes of standard H1 ASTM AZ63 alloy; the efficiency of the alloy is more than 55%, its capacity is 1210-1290 Ah/kg and it produces an open circuit potential of 1.50 to 1.60V


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