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The zinc SYNCOR anodes have a variety of applications in the marine industry. They can be used in environments with low resistance in water or saline mud, at restricted temperatures below 60oC, and in highly alkaline environments (PH < 9.5). This wide range of applications is possible due to the polarity reversal occurring in the zinc/iron half-cell under the above mentioned conditions. Intergranular corrosion is possible at applications where temperatures are elevated.
The MIL-A-18001-K-MIL alloy is acknowledged as the most stable and/or suitable application for marine or brackish water.
When used strictly as an anode, for cathodic protection current, zinc performs very well in low resistance environments such as seawater, salt marshes, and brackish water. However, zinc normally becomes impractical at protecting large bare areas when the resistance of the electrolyte exceeds 1,500 Ohm cm. Special alloys can be used in elevated temperatures between 70oC to 80oC. Such alloys have been tested in our laboratories and have exhibited very good capacity performance.
ASTM B418-95 US Mill 18001 K
Type I (Seawater)
Type II (soil)
Al %
<0.005 %
Cd %
0.025 – 0.07
<0.003 %
Fe %
<0.004 %
Pb %
<0.003 %
Cu %
<0.002 %
Others Each
<0.02 %
Other Total
Electrochemical Characteristics
780 Ahr/Kg
740 Ahr/Kg
Close Potential(Ag/AgCl)
-1,1 V
-1,05 V
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