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 Air Cool T/R

Air Cooled Transformer Rectifier units are used indoors in control environments and are less expensive compared to the oil cooled ones with the same capabilities.
Enclosures – Sealed to a protective category of IP66
·         Mild Steel Heavy duty welded with Flame Zinc Spray and 2 Part Epoxy / Polyurethane Coating
·         Painted Stainless Steel Heavy duty welded grades 304 or 316.
·         Continuously Variable Transformer (Variac) 
·         Discrete Step Switching in up to 60 Steps (Step Control) 
·         Constant Current / Constant Voltage
·         Automatic Potential Control.
Input Supply
·         240V single phase
·         Up to 660V three phase.
Additional Features
·         GPS Synchronous Current Interrupxion
·         Data Logging of Output Voltage, Current and Reference Cell Potential
·         Remote Monitoring and Control via Internet, Satellite, GSM Cellular, or RS232/RS485 network.
·         Trip Alarms for
o        Output Voltage
o        Output Current
o        Reference Electrode Potential
o        AC Input Voltage
o        Phase Failure.
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