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 Offshore Pipeline Anodes

Bracelet anode designs have a utilization factor higher than 0.80, and follow the ISO, NACE, and DNV standards for anode manufacturing and design.
The electrical connection between the anode and the pipeline is achieved through a bonding wire. The bonding wire can be attached by thermite welding or by pin brazing.
Epoxy coating is typically applied to the interior of the anodes, with a minimum thickness of 100microns, and based on client requirements.
Neoprene sheets are fixed on the underneath side of the anodes at steel loop locations, by appropriate adhesion methods, to enhance friction between the pipe coating and the anodes.  
For pipelines operating in elevated temperatures, it is also suggested to install thermo insulation underneath the bracelet anodes in order to reduce the temperature and increase the electrochemical performance of the bracelet anodes.
Various shapes of anodes are produced at our factory to allow for easy installation, and to reduce potential damages of the anodes when they pass over stingers as the pipeline leaves the lay barge.
Bracelet Anode type
BHB - Bracelet anode, hinged and bolted segment bracelet anode
BSH - Bracelet anode, square hinged and bolted half shell bracelet anode
BTH - Bracelet anode, tapered hinged and bolted half shell bracelet anode
BSG - Bracelet anode, segment
BTB - Tapered, Bolted half shell bracelet anode
BTW - Bracelet anode tapered welded
BSW - Bracelet anode, square
welded half shell bracelet anode
BSB - Bracelet anode, square
bolted half shell bracelet anode
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