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 Qatalum Project Jetty and Seawater Intake at Messsaieed, Qatar

Client: Archirodon Construction Overseas
Owner:Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium A.S.
Consultant: Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium A.S.
Design Life: 60 years
Material: Al-Zn-In
Quantity: 105t
Project Descripxion: Qatalum will be one of the largest aluminium plant ever launched. Qatalum, a joint venture by Qatar Petroleum and Hydro, will have a capacity in the first phase of 585,000 tones of primary aluminium, all to be shipped as value added aluminium cast house products. A dedicated power plant with an installed capacity of 1350 MW will ensure a stable supply of electricity.
Hydro is responsible for the planning and execution of the Qatalum project in accordance with the project management agreement entered into with Qatar Aluminium Limited.
Archirodon Construction Overseas is the marine contractor for the Jetty and Seawater intake system. Their scope is Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 300 meter Jetty with 123 meter approach trestle and 3 seawater intakes. The construction period is 22months.
Our scope is to provide Engineering, Design, Material supply and Commissioning with a  Sacrificial anodes Cathodic protection system for the main jetty , approach trestle and intake system as well as and an advance monitoring system where controls 20 reference electrodes.
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