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Dubai LNG Import Terminal, DUSUL LNG CP protection for Marine Jetty Submarine Pipeline and Riser, UAE
The project is a new receiving facilities to import LNG in Dubai and cover the growing energy needs of the country. The receiving facility consist from an marine Jetty and an 1.4khm offshore pipeline where connected to Dubai's high pressure natural gas pipeline system. The LNG will be transferre... ...
Qatalum Project Jetty and Seawater Intake at Messsaieed, Qatar
Qatalum will be one of the largest aluminium plant ever launched. Qatalum, a joint venture by Qatar Petroleum and Hydro, will have a capacity in the first phase of 585,000 tones of primary aluminium, all to be shipped as value added aluminium cast house products. A dedicated power plant with an inst... ...
Yang Shan Deep Water Port, Shanghai,China
The Yangshan deep-water port is a new port in Hangzhou Bay south of Shanghai. Built to circumvent growth limitations for the Port of Shanghai as a result of shallow waters, it allows berths with depths of up to 15 metres to be built, and is capable of handling the largest container ships today. The ... ...
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